Personalised Listing for RhemI Fuller

Personalised Listing for RhemI Fuller

$95.00 AUD

UNISEX TEE colour: White
Size: 1
Sleeve length: Long sleeve
Image: As attached - Albert is one

Flutter colour: Pink 
Size: 5
Sleeve length: Long Sleeve
Vinyl colour: Gold Glitter, Black Matte, Pink Matte, Jade Glitter, Fuchsia Glitter, Lavender Glitter
Image: As attached - Freya is 4

Unicorn horn, Freya is four & stars - Gold glitter
Unicorn Ears and eyes - Black matte
Inside ears - pink matte
1st flower - Jade glitter
2nd flower - Fuchsia glitter
3rd flower - Lavender glitter 

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