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$258.00 AUD

#1 SSF Pink - Size 5 - Black & Red Glitter - ($22.50 - remake)

Text: Just a kid that loves to watch people open things on Youtube (all lowercase except Just)

#2 SSF Pink - Size 5 - Dark Purple for words So Long & Look Out & Lavender in rest of wording ($22.50 - remake)

Text: So Long Reception Look Out First Grade Here I Come (SAME AS PIC)

#3 SSF Fuchsia - Size 5 - Multicolour - Centered and large print ($35)


#4 SSF Grape - Size 5 - Black/Purple/Pink Glitter (same as pic) ($45) Centered and large print

Text: I am amazing I am Important I am Special I am Unique I am Loved

#5 SSF Black - Size 5 - Pink/Purple Glitter (same as pic) ($43) Centered and large print

Text: Why fit in when YOU were born to STAND OUT

#6 SSF Red - Size 5 - Gold Glitter ($35) Centered and large font

Text: My Mum won the lottery the day I was born 13/01/12 

#7 SSF Fuchsia - Size 5 ($55)

Front - Pa’s Portuguese Princess in Silver Glitter and crown Lavender glitter

Back - Nana’s Irish Princess in silver glitter and crown lavender glitter

#8 SSF Fuchsia - Size 5 - Silver Glitter (replacement - no charge)

Front: Dressed by La Sienna (make sure it is in large font and centered)

Styled by My Mum

Back: #LaSiennaSquad (at the top like Jersey in large font)

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