Thinking of the perfect outfit for bub? We can create it!

Step 1: Fill in the following details

  • Choose from our large range of Flutter Sleeve items here. You can choose from flutter sleeve tops and flutter hoodies. We also have a selection of tees and plain long sleeves for boys - please ask our team for more details. 

  • Select the preferred size. If you are having troubles deciding which size please see size chart below. 
  • DO NOT purchase the piece you would like us to print on prior to speaking with our team as price is inclusive of the flutter. 
    • Choose from our wide collection of Vinyl Colours available below.
        • Explain what you would like on the top. Best to go into detail so we know exactly what you are after.

          I would like 'Daddy's Little Princess'. I would like it in running writing with a crown above the text. Can I have it on 3 lines.
          Picture of Crown (See photo attached) 
          1st line- Daddy's
          2nd line- Little
          3rd line- Princess

          ***Add any photos you have as examples as this would be very helpful in knowing exactly what you are after. Scroll to the bottom of the page for some inspiration. Explain in details as much as you can so we can have the best idea of what you would like!

        Step 2: Email 

        Once you have decided on the above information email our designs team at:

          Step 3: Await for a reply

          Our team will get back to you with a stencil of how you explained the top. Please keep in mind we are super busy and will try our best to get back to you within 28 hours. Once we send you this stencil you will need to confirm and we will send you a customised link to your item. 

          Exchanges- Customised tops cannot be exchanged or refunded under no circumstances

          Shipping- These tops take up to 5 business days to design and 5 business days to make once payment has cleared. Purchasing this item with fast tracked shipping will VOID the fast tracked shipping unless discussed with us prior as these flutters are made to order. 
          Price- Price depends on the design, the amount of colours you choose and if we have to purchase anything to design your flutter. 

          Please note: All efforts will go into making this top for you how you would like it although it will not be exactly the same. If needed urgently please note in email and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.